Winter Fundraiser & Giveaway!

Feb 3, 2023 | Ways YOU Can Support Us

We need YOUR help: To support several important projects and goals this year, Great Books for Kids is holding a winter fundraiser with a great giveaway prize…a $250 children’s book & educational toy shopping spree at PaperPie! (formerly known as Usborne Books & More…it’s my FAVORITE children’s book publishing company!)


There are two ways you can support our fundraiser and enter the giveaway:

OPTION 1: Donate $5 to Great Books for Kids at and receive one entry in the giveaway! Increase your donation by $5 increments for additional entries! All monetary donations are 100% tax deductible, as we are a 501c3 nonprofit.

OPTION 2: Buy books, puzzles, toys & more for your own children at PaperPie via our special link & you’ll receive 1 entry for EVERY $5 you spend!!

If you support us in this way, 25% of your purchase’s subtotal will go to support Great Books for Kids!

This fundraiser ends on Feb 28 at 11:59pm. The winner will be selected on March 3 and announced on the Great Books for Kids Facebook page.


Jen Tacbas receiving a grant from Hello Goodbuy and Chrys Graham

Purchasing 44 additional copies of the book Complete Book of FarmYard Tales for Sterling Elementary in Glynn County so every kindergartener will receive one for their homes!

Through a grant from hello Goodbuy, we were able to purchase a copy of this book for every kindergartener at Glyndale Elementary and Golden Isles Elementary. We have enough copies left over to give a book to half of the kindergarteners at Sterling Elementary and are raising funds to purchase the additional copies needed so everyone can get this amazing book for their home!

To encourage children and parents to read together at home, this hardcover book of 20 stories is written in dual level text. At the top of every page is beginner text for the child to read and more advanced text at the bottom for the parent to read. When families practice reading together at home, a child will become more interested in reading and will develop their reading skills faster.

The book also comes with an audio CD of all the stories read aloud, which can be played in DVD/Blu-ray players and gaming consoles in addition to CD players.

Jen Tacbas with the Magic Tree House series

Purchasing the first 4 books of the Magic Tree House chapter book series for local 1st graders!

This is my FAVORITE beginner chapter books series for my own daughter! A brother and sister with wholesome values, each with their own strengths…a lot of action and adventure, and a dose of history and culture make this series an exciting read, even for even the most reluctant readers!

For the past 3 years, I’ve gifted the first 4 to 8 books in the series to local 1st graders. The teachers read some of the books out loud to their students while they follow along in their own copies. Then the kids get to take the books home! If they don’t get through all the books, then the kids have great books to read over the summer

Help me continue this tradition of gifting these amazing books to our local 1st graders!

Jen Tacbas preparing a book donation

Purchasing one book each month of the school year for 500+ local children!

While we have wonderful projects going on, we still need to support our main mission, which is gifting one book per school month for over 500 children for their homes! National statistics show that having a steady stream of age-appropriate books in the home can triple a child’s interest in reading and academics, as well as improve their reading scores and overall performance in school! Let’s do this!

Please consider donating to our winter fundraiser, so we can support our local children through these projects. Thank you for your support! Donate here –

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